Sunday, November 18, 2018

Snippets from Swan Song

I am around the halfway point in my book, Swan Song, so I thought it would be fun to share some snippets from it. I'm a little nervous sharing them, but I hope you enjoy!

"Giants live here," Hester told Carter.
"They do," Carter readily agreed, "mean giants."
Hester didn't think mean giants would like such a pretty forest. They birds sang, the sun shone, and the path was cool in the shade.
"Good ones too," Hester said.
"And they fight the bad ones!"

"Don't call my sister names!"
"Or what?"
"Or I'll shove your ice cream in your face!"
Thomas didn't dare say she wouldn't because they both knew she would and could, one advantage of her being a little taller than him.

"Do you need anything?" Carter asked Hester.
Hester nodded and tried to smile over the pain. "I'd love my notebook please."
Carter jumped up to get it. It hit both sisters at once. Hester's right arm was the broken one. She couldn't write. Hester burst into tears.

"My girls. Being a parent is hard, remember that okay?"
"Okay," Carter said uncertainly.
"What do you mean?" Hester asked.
The smile left daddy's lips. "Well, it's hard to explain. See, you're both grounded for fighting, and to hit and kick poor Thomas was wrong. But then again you did it to protect each other, and you should never back down form protecting each other."
"So I can kick Thomas again if he's mean to Hester?" Carter asked.

"Race you home," Hester said as they turned the corner to their home.
"I have my banjo," Carter whined.
"You always run with it," Hester whined back.

Let me know if you want more. I can post some from part two!

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