My blog title is taken from Howard Carter, something he said when he first opened King Tut's tomb and looked in. When asked what he saw he replied with, "Wonderful things."

For as long as I can remember I've loved history. I first became interested in Archaeology while doing research for a book I was writing. Since then this interest has grown. I am now studying Archaeology at my local college in hopes of attending a university next semester. My dream is to see Wonderful Things just like Carter.

I am a typically quiet person. I love being outdoors in the summer - hiking, camping, rock climbing, playing in the river with my dog Jenni, riding my bike or motor cycle. I grew up with two brothers - Ryan and William - and am a bit of a tomboy, though I still love butterflies and pink.

In the winter I like to stay inside and read or write, and when I do go out I like to snowboard or ski, both cross country and downhill. I am working on a series of kids books, more information can be found on my sidebar, as well as the link to my fashion blog, and a story blog I am doing with the mini American Girl dolls I collect.

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